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In principle, there are two ways to verify the authenticity of your lease registered in Pune and Mumbai. 1. Path: Payable. 2. Way: Free To verify that the rental contract you received is genuine and correct, the free method is sufficient, as it shows the extract of the license agreement registered Step 1: for Free Search – visit: for paid search – Visit: step 2: In Free Search, see: based Name Search is also available after the entry of the real estate number. “I appreciate the work of Deputy Registar Pune. I especially thank his teammates for finding the very old documents. The Agency has systematically ordered all documents. Given the intense heat, I propose to provide aerocollers to the office. This will help staff and visitors to have comfort.

Once again, thank you very much for your team`s help in making Index II documents available. To avoid property fraud, a search is required. Buying a property or borrowing real estate by pawn, transaction search report is important to verify the chain of transaction history, must physically browse all registered documents prior to the related property. 1) To browse a registered document and index – II or 2) To browse all the recorded documents of a given property and its index – II and 3) To browse all the documents of a particular person or party and its index – I In the application, it is necessary to mention the information and the period as stated above and affix 5/- jurisdictional tax (stamp under label) on the application. Search fee: 25/- per year for the search for property or name for each name or property. The minimum charges are 300 for the first 12 years and 25//25 per year thereafter. Royalties must be paid in cash. Search Application Forms Click here Yes, Registration and Stamps Section, Maharashtra State Government is the fist to introduce “e Search” into the country in real time. The property is free and the search pays on the website of the Registration and Stamps Department, Maharashtra State Government, namely: Free Search Facility on line: citizens can get off charge free. Search opportunity paid online: fees must be paid only online via the e-Search portal. Paid “Search Fee” can also be used to do the same physical search in the registrar`s sub-office, you won`t have to pay a fee for physical research again. Note: The search for the printed copies loaded below is not a certified copy of the service.

Therefore, this document/data is only used for informational purposes. (Cannot be treated as a legal copy). The links below are available for the convenience of Free Search Link users: Paid Search Link: portal/esearchologn.aspx (Link Information in Possession, maintained and updated by the Department of Registration and Stamps, Maharashtra State Government).