Nalc National Agreement 2017

The agreement will transform all employees in the position of assistant city chiefs with at least 30 months of work experience into a career job and will provide these workers with a more generous range of benefits and more stable positions. USPS obtained the comparison with the National Association of Letter Carriers after the union filed a national complaint. On September 20, 2019, negotiations on a new collective agreement between NALC and USPS reached an impasse. The current collective agreement remains in effect until the final settlement of the wage dispute between the parties. The next step is a mandatory 60-day mediation period, which is required by law. The parties will take advantage of the mediation period to continue negotiations […] 1/23/2020 In all offices, CCAs with a relative status of at least 30 months on February 15 to be converted to NALC career status have filed a national complaint regarding non-compliance with the contractual limits for the employment of City Carrier Assistants (CCAs). This subdivision (M-01906) provides that all city assistants in […] The National Association of Letter Carriers, which represents 213,000 posts and women in the city across the country, has agreed with USPS management to avoid mandatory arbitration. NALC members will vote in the coming months on whether the contract should be formally ratified, although the union`s board of directors has unanimously recommended that its members do so. NALC will hold a national meeting in mid-June to “inform agency leaders about the proposed contract” so that they can then pass on the details to members before deciding on ratification. 5/23/17 – In accordance with Article 16 of the Constitution nalc, ratification is a vote on the post-referendum referendum and the vote is only sent to ordinary naLC members within the meaning of Article 2, Section 1, point a), with the exception of ordinary members who are not bound by correspondence, as indicated by the national treasurer`s registrations from 90 days […] The agreement would actually begin retroactively to May 21, 2016 and continue until September 20, 2019.

All municipal factors would benefit from a 1.2% pay increase retroactive to November 26, 2016 and a 1.3% increase this year with effect to November 25. Workers on the second tier of the two-tier wage scale would be increased by 2.1 per cent in 2018. In 2017, the cost of the post office premium for factor health insurance (76% of the weighted average planned premium of the Federal Workers` Health Benefits Program (HSF) shows no change limited to 79.25% of the planned premium). According to the model of previous contracts, the share of the post office will decrease by a total of 3.0% over the duration of the provisional agreement. This proportion will fall to 74% in 2018 and 73% in 2019. The maximum employer contribution for a given plan is 77.25% in 2018 and 76.0% in 2019. Over the course of the contract as a whole, the postal share for factors will remain proportionately higher than that paid by other federal authorities participating in the FEHBP (72 per cent of the average premium, limited to 75 per cent for a particular plan). “Today, I am pleased to announce that NALC and the U.S.

Postal Service have reached an interim agreement on a new national contract, a goal we have been working on continuously over the past 17 months. As I have pointed out on several occasions, NALC has taken a two-tiered approach to reaching a new national agreement, with negotiations underway and the presentation of the best possible case for our proposals in derinseschied.