Grant Agreement Fau

Please inform us in due course of changes in the duration of your stay, we need written confirmation from the organization that organizes your internship. We`ll recalculate your grant. Erasmus apprenticeship agreements determine the choice of courses at the host university and the management of scholarships. Funding > for the Office of International Relations is provided as long as sufficient funding is available. Credits are allocated based on the order in which applications are received. Incomplete applications are carried over to the end of the queue when the funds are allocated. Please note that existing insurance coverage may not be sufficient, especially if repatriation or specific medical intervention is required. It may be worthwhile to purchase private health insurance to cover these contingencies. Students must take out private health insurance for internships outside the EU and in countries with which there is no social security agreement (for example. B Turkey). After the appointment to the host university by the Central Office of International Affairs (RIA) or your department, you still need to apply/register to study there. In addition to different application forms, you often have to submit an apprenticeship agreement that indicates the subjects abroad and their equivalent to the FAU. Various documents and forms must also be submitted to the Central Office for International Affairs before Erasmus funds can be received.

Information on the various documents and deadlines can be found in the Erasmus guidelines. Their rights and obligations as Erasmus students are defined in the Erasmus Student Charter. Please click on the year to download the guidelines, the learning agreement and other relevant documents and forms. In 2019, the EPA awarded a total of more than $110,000 to the city of Madison, Wisconsin, the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation and the Washington State University Energy Program for the development of anaerobic fermentation capacity. These beneficiaries` plans include workshops to promote anaerobic digestive projects, the provision of subawards, and opportunities to support anaerobic digestive projects focused on the food and beverage sector. Funding for the Erasmus internship will be in two tranches. 70% of the sum is paid before the internship, the remaining 30% is then paid by bank transfer as soon as you have completed your internship and received your report and certificate of internship. You will continue to receive Erasmus assistance, even if you are supported by a private or public foundation, a BAf-G grant or an allowance from the institution in which you are on an internship. However, they are not entitled to other EU funds at the same time.

Once all the documents are complete, you can access your grant contract via the online portal, as well as the confirmation of the grant, the confirmation of the Baf-G and, in the case of non-EU nationals, all the necessary documents to apply for a visa in the host country. Please print a copy of the grant agreement, sign it and mail it back to the Central Office of International Affairs.