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Iata Main Agreement Annex A

A carrier`s insolvency can also have greater consequences. The British CAA suspended Monarch Airlines` AOC when it went bankrupt in October 2017 and forced it to cease operations with immediate effect. They no longer needed stopover assistance services. The 38th edition of the IATA Airport Handling Manual (AHM) is now live. The AHM contains the most recent iteration of the SGHA, which reflects the evolution of aviation and more broadly, and which results from the consultation and contribution of airlines, handling companies and other players in the sector. In 2013, the IATA Ground Support Council authorized the use of yellow pages for the publication of pages of text amending Appendix B in the years between the new versions of the SGHA. SGHA 2018 Appendix B has now fully added the yellow pages to paragraph 8. In the future, this will provide some flexibility in the basic model. Many of these changes are only editorial, SGHA Amendment 2013.

However, some changes are significant and focus on operational practices, improved standards, training, insolvency, claims and compliance in general. We briefly reviewed the major changes to the main agreement and Schedule B and looked at what they might mean to users. The new clause 3.3 of SGHA 2018 prohibits self-help if an institution has already outsourced it under the SGHA. In Europe, for example, the 1996 European Directive on Stopover Assistance (96/67/EC) opened up the market for stopover assistance to competition and maintained the general freedom of the airline to self-manage at an airport. Peter Coles Partner, Hong Kong T – 852 3983 7711 E Data Protection was added to the compliance checklist at SGHA 2018. The effect of this amendment is likely to raise data protection to the level of anti-corruption, competition and child labour prohibitions. In addition, it is also useful not to overburden the SGHA with data protection legislation. Carriers are now required to notify carriers immediately if they are making a claim for compensation for cargo damages under Clause 8.6, and these claims must now be filed within two years of the deadline set out in section 31.2 of the 1999 Montreal Convention (MC99). Otherwise, the claim may be invalidated if the handler is physically affected.

In addition, in accordance with item 11.11, all amended taxes must be accessed within the first 30 days before the changes come into effect within 60 days of notification. Article 11.13 allows for accommodations in the event of binding minimum wage laws. It recognizes the reality that minimum wage laws will continue to have a significant impact on the basis of a handler`s employment costs. However, the continuation of the original 5.10 clause might have been sensible, given the stricter data protection rules (for example. B RGPD in the EU), increased public awareness, data protection campaigns and activism.

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