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Showroom Display Agreement

The Distributor accepts that any violation by the Kent Displays dealer of the terms and conditions of this agreement, as well as its reputation and relationship with its other distributors, will violate a measure that is difficult, if not impossible, to quantify. Wholesale prices are provided by Kent Displays, Inc. (“Kent Displays”) to “distributors,” which are based exclusively on the distributor`s compliance with the terms and conditions of Kent Displays contained in this document. This agreement applies to all Kent Displays registered products that contain boogie board®, Magic Sketch®, Scribble N`Play®, Play N`Trace®, Liquid Crystal Paper®, Blackboard®, Colorburst® and Exact Erase® (“Products”). By soliciting a wholesale account and assaulting a Kent Displays product at wholesale prices, the distributor enters into a contract with Kent Displays subject to these terms and conditions for reseller contracts. 3. Packaging and display of the product: The distributor sells the products in the original packaging. Reconditioning, reconditioning (including the separation of bundled products or grouping of products) and any modification of the products or their packaging are not permitted. It is forbidden to display, modify or change serial numbers, UPC code, batch or batch code, or any other information identifying products or their packaging. The distributor must not remove, translate or modify the content of a label or product literature or in the accompanying products.

The distributor cannot promote, market, market or demonstrate non-Kent screen products with products in a manner that would give the impression that non-Kent screen products are manufactured by Kent screens, supported or associated with Kent screens. 2. Product inspection: upon receipt of the products, the distributor checks for damage, defects, evidence of manipulation or other non-compliance (a “defect”). If a defect is detected, the distributor is not authorized to put the product on sale and must immediately report the defect to Kent Displays at or 330-673-8784. 4. Kent Displays distributors are required to provide a signed wholesale agreement from any distributor selling Kent Displays products. Unauthorized traders should not be sold to a distributor or delivered by any merchant.

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