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Soma Agreements

The political issue of SOFA is complicated by the fact that many host countries have mixed feelings about foreign bases on their soil and that SOFA renegotiation requests are often linked to calls for a total withdrawal of foreign troops. Issues of different national practices may arise – while the United States and host countries in general agree on what constitutes a crime, many American observers believe that the host country`s judicial systems offer much lower protection than the United States and that the host country`s courts may be under pressure from the public to be found guilty; In addition, U.S. service members who are invited to send shipments abroad should not be forced to waive their rights under the Rights Act. On the other hand, observers of the host country who do not have a local equivalent of the law of rights often feel that these are irrelevant excuses for special treatment and resemble the extraterritorial agreements demanded by Western countries during colonialism. A host country where such sentiment is widespread, South Korea, itself has forces in Kyrgyzstan and has negotiated a SOFA that gives its members total immunity from prosecution by the Kyrgyz authorities for any crime, which goes far beyond the privileges that many South Koreans enter into their country`s couch with the United States. [11] Agreement between the Member States of the European Union on the status of military and civilian personnel detached from the institutions of the European Union, on the headquarters and armed forces that can be made available to the European Union in the context of the preparation and execution of the tasks covered by Article 17, paragraph 2, of the Treaty on european Union; including the exercises and military and civilian personnel of the Member States made available to the European Union to act in this context (EU SOFA) (2003/C 321/02) THE REPRESENTATIVES OF EUROPEAN UNION MEMBER STATES, MEETING OF THE COUNCIL, taking into account the Treaty on the European Union (EU Treaty) and in particular Title V. Within the framework of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), the European Council has decided to give the EU the capacity to take and implement decisions on all the tasks of conflict prevention and crisis management defined in the Treaty on European Union. (2) national decisions to send troops from EU Member States (hereafter referred to as `Member States`) to the territory of other Member States and to accept them by Member States in the preparation and execution of Article 17 tasks, paragraph 2 of the EU Treaty, including the exercises covered by EU V, including Article 23, paragraph 1, of the TUE, and are the subject of separate agreements between the Member States concerned. 3. Specific agreements must be concluded with the third countries concerned in exercises or operations outside the territory of the Member States. (4) In accordance with the provisions of this agreement, the rights and obligations of the parties under international conventions and other international conventions establishing international tribunals remain: including the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, without prejudice of:AGREED AS FOLLOWS:PART IPROMISSIONS COMMON TO ALL MILITARY AND CIVILIAN StaffArticle 1In this agreement, it is valid:1) “military personnel” a) military personnel seconded by Member States to the General Secretariat of the Council to constitute the military personnel of the European Union (EUMS) ;( military personnel; with the exception of staff of the INSTITUTIONs of the European Union, which can be requested by the EUMS from the Member States, in order to grant, at the request of the European Union Military Committee (EUMC), a temporary increase in activities related to the preparation and carrying out of the tasks covered by Article 17, paragraph 2, of the kill; including exercises (c) military personnel from Member States seconded to headquarters and personnel who may be made available to the EU or personnel responsible for the preparation and execution of the tasks covered by Article 17, paragraph 2 of the EU Treaty, including the exertor

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