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Visio License Agreement

Terms and conditions: Your use of Visio is subject to your license with Microsoft. For Visio licenses purchased through retailers, you must accept the end-user license agreement. For licenses purchased through the volume license, the terms of use of the software are defined in the Product Use Rights (PUR) and Product List documents. If Microsoft provides product corrections, changes or extensions or derivatives of these, which are published in general (for example. B Product ServicePacks) or to solve a particular problem for the customer (together “fixes”), these fixes will be granted under the same conditions as the product to which it applies. If patches are not provided for a particular product, all terms of use provided by Microsoft with the patches apply to the Open Value program with a minimum purchase of 5 licenses. Online service users` subscription licenses (user SLs) can be charged on the minimum amount of 5 licenses. However, 5 SLs of single users do not meet the minimum for Open Value Organization Wide and Open Value Subscription. For OV Organization Wide and OV Subscription, the initial order must include at least 5 desktop platform licenses or desktop components in addition to all user SL. Unless the parties have written agreement, Microsoft grants the Customer, for full payment, a non-exclusive, unlimited and fully paid license for the use, reproduction and modification (if any) of Microsoft pre-actions provided as part of a service offer only in the form made available to the Customer and exclusively for the customer`s internal purposes. The license of Microsoft`s pre-existing plant is conditional on the customer`s compliance with the terms of the customer`s volume license agreement.

When installing this product, you must download the software from the Volume Licensing Service Center and enter a license key. You can download any version or language available for your product. The prices of the service provider`s licensing agreement are a recurring monthly fee. Microsoft can only raise licensing prices once a year in January or compensate at any time for exchange rate fluctuations for prices other than the U.S. dollar, but it can lower prices at any time. Users of a device licensed with qualifying apps can access Office Online to view and edit documents from the licensed device. The main user of the licensed device can access Office Online to view and edit documents from any device. This benefit varies depending on the application, system and server. Eligible customers receive an access code (for applications, systems and/or servers) per registered/agreement. Customers with qualified server products have the right to use hosted e-learning server courses, but no content compatible with SCORM. Customers with Office 365 Pro Plus are allowed to use only office 365 e-learning courses (SCORM-enabled content is not allowed). The number of eligible support contacts varies depending on the volume licensing program and the number of licenses covered by SA, as shown below.

Contacts must be designated as individuals and may include people outside the client`s organization. However, an organization, department or department or group name may not be mentioned as a contact. Customers who acquire licenses for the Parallel Data Warehouse (“PDW”) and have a first active service contract are entitled to unlimited PRS incidents 24 hours a day, whether registered in a SCE or in its SCE editions. When customers purchase licenses for PDW, Microsoft does not assign incidents based on SA`s actual spending on this product. The number of authorized telephone media incidents varies by customer depending on SA`s expenses and payment option.

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