Dccc Temple University Transfer Agreement

Below are lists of specific relationships that the college has documented with a number of institutions and universities. Note that there may be requirements, restrictions or restrictions with an agreement, including: Current Millersville students must complete the authorization form for the transfer of credits and return them to Lyle Chancery before taking a class to return to MU. If the course you are interested in is not on the equivalency list, attach a description of the course catalogue to the evaluation authorization form. Want to learn more about your transfer options? Use TransferCheck to view the paths to a four-year university and university degree. Other DCCC financial statements containing the same requirements may be added in the future, after verification and approval that each institution deems appropriate, and by mutual agreement. The Dual Admissions Agreement between Temple and Delaware County Community College [pdf] allows students to go to the temple while they are admitted to Delaware County Community College and offer the possibility of merit scholarships for eligible students. Interested students must enrol in the dual admissions program before obtaining 30 transferable credits, including all previously attended colleges. Students are then admitted to the Temple after graduating from the community school. Visit Undergraduate Admissions for more information about Temple and the transfer admission process. Temple and Delaware County Community College have entered into the following transfer agreements to allow for a smooth transfer to the College of Education and Human Development. GenEd-to-Gened:This agreement applies to students who first enroll in Temple for or after the semester in the fall of 2010 and who have graduated with an associate degree in or after 1970 in one of the following programs at the DCCC. A.

A. in Early Childhood/Elementary Education Pre K-4 at Delaware County Community College is part of the Community College-Temple GenEd-to-GenEd Transfer Agreement and therefore met all GenEd requirements at Temple University. Students should work with their Delaware County Community College advisor to select courses that meet their requirements for degreasing. Students who wish to qualify for the Dual Admissions Agreement [pdf] and a possible scholarship must complete the Memorandum of Understanding before obtaining 30 credits from Delaware County Community College. File Dual Admissions Intent Form at the latest 45 transferable college credits and hold a minimum GPA of 2.0 (or more for some programs) Benefits are: Admissions Phone: 215.204.7200Email: askanowl@temple.edu eligible DCCC graduates who enroll in Temple are identified upon admission to Temple. The satisfaction of Temple Gen Ed`s requirements under this agreement is recorded in all relevant student files. Gen Ed-to-Gen Ed Transfer does not change the requirements of the student`s main subject or the requirements of the student`s temple school or college.